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What is the shelf life of ghee?

Our ghee has an expiration date of 2 years after it is made.

What does ghee taste like?

Due to the clarification process, ghee has a more intense flavor than butter. Its cooking for long hours makes it have a really delicious nutty flavor.

What does it mean that it withstands high temperatures?

The smoke point of ghee is 250ºC, unlike butter which is only 120ºC. When the cooking temperature exceeds the limit, the oil burns giving an unpleasant taste to food, loses its properties such as vitamins and minerals and can be harmful to health as it begins to generate toxic gases and free radicals that are harmful to the organism.

How can I store my ghee?

The ghee does not need refrigeration, it can be stored in the pantry. This will keep the texture smooth and creamy.

Can I pay with Yappy?

Yes you can pay with Yappy. Make your payment to our Yappy number at 6462-2757 or at @gheeliciouspty in the Directory.